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About Me

Hi, I am Nara.

I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I have been coaching in The GTA at premier boutique fitness studios since 2011.

I have taught everything from In- Door Cycling, HIIT, Strength + Stretch Classes.  

In April of 2020 I "pivoted" to ZOOM allowing me to do what I am most passionate about. Teaching Small + Large Group Classes, Personal Training and Corporate Groups.

My classes are designed for people of all levels of fitness.


Home: About Me

About All Things Fitness Zoom Classes

All levels of fitness are encouraged.


As a Trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.

My classes are designed to motivate, inspire and challenge you. I will meet you where you are at and help you reach your fitness goals.

Home: About Me

Class Schedule

Think of your workout as an important meeting you scheduled with yourself. Bosses don't cancel.



9:30am Arms + Abs


9:30am The Accumulator -Full Body

10:30am SPIN 


8:15am Tabata Strength

9:30am Lower Body + Cardio

*2 Times a month there will be a Sunday 9:30am Zoom DM me for the dates!

In Studio CLASSES (Thornhill)

Tuesday + Thursday 9:30am

$18 drop in

Home: About Me

Class Packages


8 Classes =$80

12 Classes = $100

16 Classes =$120

$12 Drop in 

You only pay for what you attend.
Classes are credited if something comes up and you have to make a change!


$17 drop in. Class Packages are available.


$18 Drop In

Home: About Me

I have worked out with Nara for about 4 years now in different workout facilities and in virtual zoom classes.  She is a high energy instructor who is extremely motivating!! Her classes are always different and she changes things up to keep everyone challenged... She is understanding and realistic that everyone has different abilities and capabilities. She is very big on listening to one’s own body and always provides modifications for anyone needing them. I love this so much because it makes my goals realistic and keeps my workouts at a level that’s to the best of my potential. I’m doing the best workouts for me - at a level that works for me. It’s a very personalized approach even if I’m in a small group setting. I always feel like I’m getting 1-1 attention. 
I highly recommend Nara’s workouts to anyone looking for a positive and awesome instructor. She listens, cares, and has such a great energy to her!! 

E. Duke

Loving your classes. 
They are spiritually uplifting and motivational and keep me in shape physically. 
For me it’s very important to have a trainer who’s upbeat and professional. It’s a tough ask since I count on consistency. You hit all the marks. You’re always on time, you never cut corners, your sessions are varied and challenging. You have a complete understanding of movement and motion and put together weekly plans that are clearly well thought out. 
As well, adding unlimited monthly classes has really worked for me since I know I will always receive my Zoom link and can join in as often as I can. 
Keep it up. I’m relying on you!
Thanks Nara !

V. Warner

I have been loving the comfort and convenience of working out at home. I realize anyone can hop on a treadmill or pick up some weights, but some of us (me) require guidance and motivation (often). Your Zoom classes provide both while making it fun. I absolutely will be continuing as long as you are doing them xo

L. Grant

Nara’s zoom classes have been so helpful during these past few months in quarantine.  Being stuck at home has afforded me the opportunity to connect with other like minded people who want to keep active in a fun and challenging way.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, Nara will guide you through her workouts and motivate you while ensuring proper technique.  She always makes sure to include modifications if needed but I find this pushes me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of (burpees included!).  These classes are hard but fun and I love the feeling of accomplishment after putting in all the hard work.

E. Eisen

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Thank you for an amazing 2022 Season. 
See you again in Spring 2023.

Home: Welcome

Bring your team together on ZOOM

Lunch breaks are a great time workout on Zoom as a team!

Looking to…

Boost Employee Morale

Increase productivity
Engage your team

A Corporate Wellness Program could be what you are looking for.

I am Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I have been Coaching for over 10 years.

My Classes are designed in a way that allows people of all levels of fitness to be engaged, challenged and supported.

I have worked in Premier Boutique Studios since 2011. I have taught Classes in person and on line for Charitable Organizations such as The Princess Margaret Foundation, CIBC Run For the Cure, Israel Cancer Research Fund, Imagine A Cure for Leukemia and The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

When the Pandemic started I “pivoted” to Zoom. It quickly became apparent that the Fitness Community was in need of connection as well as accountability.  It  has been a privilege to be able work with people individually and in groups on Zoom. 

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to work with Corporate Clients. The reasons I  have approached about Corporate Classes have varied. 

  1.     With teams working from home they have had less social business interactions. Corporate Zoom Classes have given them an opportunity to feel connected to each other by encouraging and motivating each other to participate in the classes.

  2. Managers and Team Leaders acknowledge that their teams are spending more time at their computer and working longer hours than they would have if they were in the office. Providing a lunch time or afterwork class has been an employee morale boost.

A Corporate Fitness Program will directly impact your Employees physical, emotional and social well being. Leading to increased employee morale, productivity and team engagement.

Message me today for more information and how we can work together to customize a program that is right for your team!


“Your class was incredible all around. We both sweat up a storm and feel great. Thank you so much, love your energy, your instructions, your attention to form and detail. You rock!”-LM

“I just want to thank you for giving us a great first work out. I actually did not hate it!! Seriously, your energy and explanations on how to move through the exercises were fantastic.

So glad I did it. Much needed.” GW

“Great class today!  They all are but today seemed to be especially good for me.  I've always had issues with my knees but I am able to adapt to the classes more and more and not over exert them.” AN

Home: About Me

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